Glendale, CA Guitar Lessons

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

"I have taken lessons before but I would have so much trouble. I've been told by other teachers that I was 'unteachable.' I really wanted to improve my guitar playing and I eventually met Randy Garcia one day when he was rehearsing with his band. I saw what he could do and found out he teaches guitar! I asked for lessons and soon I started to improve on my speed. I also learned about scales and soloing and my rhythm has definitely gotten a lot better! What I really liked was Randy's genuine interest in helping me and getting to the next level!"
Student Testimonials
Carlos Paz, 20. North Hollywood, CA.

When I first started playing guitar, my first teacher only taught me chords. Once I finished high school, I started taking more serious guitar lessons. Randy Garcia was my guitar teacher. I liked the format of his teaching. Every little question or concern about how to play would be explained very well. I took lessons on understanding music theory. Must I say it helped out a lot. In the aspect that I learned how to play on time and on tempo to a metronome. I even received emails from Randy on our lessons. I thought that was one of the coolest things about our lessons because it goes show how determine he was/is on helping me reach my goals! I have now even put up my own solo record."

Learn to write solos like your favorite guitarists

• Do you struggle writing your own guitar solos?

• Do your guitar solos sound lifeless, boring and bland?

• Do you have no idea what to do in order to learn how to write better guitar solos?

• Do you struggle to improvise cool and interesting solos?

• Is your improvising repetitive and uninteresting?

There Is A Solution...

You Need To Find An Instructor Who's Committed To Helping You!

Not Every Guitar Teacher Is The Same! Not All instructors Are Actually Committed To Helping You Or Most Of Their Own Students To Reach BIG Results! Regardless Of Who You Are, This Applies To ALL Styles Of Music! 

It Doesn't Have To Be Hard To Learn How To Play Lead Guitar And Improvise!

Whether You Want To Learn To Play Your Favorite Tunes Or You Want To Write Your Own Songs And Play Shows, Learning Guitar DOESN'T Have To Be Hard! You Don't Have To Learn Guitar On Your Own! Stories Of Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Van Halen And Many Others States That They All Learned On Their Own And Never Had A Single Lesson In Their Life Or Never Learned Any Music Theory. Well That's Just They Are, STORIES! They May Not Have Been Experts In Music And Give You A Definition Of Everything They Knew, But They DID Get Help From Other Musicians And Learned Some Basic (Or Even More) Music Theory And Were Able To Use What They Knew Effectively!

You Need To Be Coached, Trained And Mentored!

Most Guitar Teachers Just Expect You To Understand And Know How To Practice Something And Go Home And Do It Right And Then Give You Something New The Following Week. This Approach Only Leaves You Feel Overwhelmed And Discouraged. The Truth Is, Most Guitar Teachers Are Actually Really Insecure About Their Guitar Teaching Skills! They Don't Really Know What Goes Into Teaching, Probably Because They Are Just Copying What Other Guitar Teachers Are Doing! You Need Someone Who Will Walk You Through The Steps! Not Just Give You Information And Make You Try To Figure It Out On Your Own! 

You CAN'T Teach Yourself!

In A Perfect World Guitar Players Could Set Goals For Themselves And Know Exactly What They Need To Do In Order To Become The Guitar Player They Want To Be! But In The Real World Most Guitarists Assume They Can Just Find Tabs And Exercises And Get Better From There! The Truth Is That It's Much More Complicated! The Internet Can't Diagnose What You Need To Work On! Neither Can You! After All, You Can't Teach Yourself Something You Don't Know Or Don't Even Realize Is Happening In Your Own Playing! You Need Someone Who Has Been Where You Are And Who Knows What To Do In Order To Get To The Next Level! I Have Been Where You Are At! And I Will Dedicate Myself To Getting You To Where You Want To Be!

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