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Become the songwriter you want to be!

• Have you ever wanted to write your own songs but didn't know where to begin?

• Have you tried writing your own songs only to realize it was much more difficult then you thought?

• Do you want to improve the quality of the songs you write consistently?

Then You Are In Luck!

Contrary to popular belief, songwriting is a skill that CAN be taught AND learned! Regardless of your current skill level, knowledge of music theory or any other discouraging beliefs you may have it IS possible for YOU to learn to write your own songs!

When I started writing my own songs I had NO clue what to do! I would just take some of the simple music theory I knew and try to piece everything together. Sometimes I came up with some cool stuff and sometimes I came up with a HUGE mess! What I found more often then not is that I could come up with cool individual pieces of a song, usually a cool riff or melody, but when I try to connect the dots I usually came up with something that had one or two cool parts, but a bunch of other things that just kind of didn't fit. I asked my current guitar teacher to help me out, and he did his best, but in the end I didn't feel like I was getting the results I truly wanted. I continued to feel this way until I started taking lessons from the best guitar teacher I could find! 


Now you're probably wondering what they key or solution to writing music is. The key really is TRAINING and COACHING! When it comes to songwriting, you NEED to be coached and trained! Someone to walk you through the steps of what it takes to TRULY write the songs in your head! You need to break down ALL the elements of songwriting and see exactly what goes into songwriting!

The problem with the usual songwriting method

The problem with the usual songwriting method is that it's TOO limiting! The normal songwriting method is referred to as the "improvising method." While the improvising method IS a legitimate form of songwriting and MANY truly great songs have been created using this method, it's VERY limiting to ONLY use this method for songwriting! In order to consistently create good songs you need to be able to write music in many different ways! The improvising method is usually limited by having "inspiration." Well then what happens when you want to write a song and then suddenly you're not "feeling it" or you're having a writers block? Do you just wait until inspiration hits? NO! What if inspiration doesn't hit you until next year? Or what if inspiration hits you when you're at school, work, out with friends or whatever? You need a way to be able to write whenever you are with your guitar as well as without!

THE BENEFITS you get when you choose me as your instructor

             Dedicated coaching!

             The best training to help you excel quicker!

             The ability to apply and INTEGRATE your newfound knowledge!

              Multiple methods of songwriting to help you continue writing consistently!

               A FREE/no obligation Intro lesson to confirm I am the best instructor for you!

Are you ready to get started? Good..